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Карта на България
Автобусные туры Москва - Одесса - Солнечный Берег
Компания Лидер-ком, торговая марка EX-IT
About us


    "FOUR SERAPHIMS” was founded and legally registered in 2002. The aim of the company is: spreading the area of the services in the field of the tourism.

      “FOUR SERAPHIMS” is a reliable partner that has taken good positions in the above mentioned area.

    The company maintains a team of highly motivated specialists which takes care of the internal organisation and the high level servicing of the clients.

     “FOUR SERAPHIMS” has the relevant influence at (on) a national and regional level and takes key positions in the country. The quality of the service is constantly being improved because of the well developed international relationships and communications.

    “FOUR SERAPHIMS” works following the European standards.


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